Morocco, Interrupted

To Sanaa

Dear Sanaa,

I hope all is well in your life and at Clinique Croissant Rouge. I wish I could’ve given you a proper goodbye instead of saying, as I did, “See you next week!” At the time, I had no idea we’d be leaving Morocco so quickly.

From the minute we found out we had two hours to pack our things and leave campus, we were on the move. We were waiting in crowded airports, on flights, and sleeping on benches for the next two and a half days. As much as I did not want to leave Morocco, I felt such relief when I finally arrived home to see my family.

After the rush of all the travel, we were finally able to catch a break. The only thing I was allowed to do for the past two weeks has been to stay in my room and entertain myself.

I have done plenty of reflecting on my time in Tangier, and I realized that one of the things I miss most was going to Croissant Rouge. I wanted to thank you for taking me under your wing and introducing me to the various people throughout the hospital. I will never forget the day you got the surgeons to let me observe a c-section: a true miracle of human brilliance. Though we had few fluid verbal conversations, our exchanges in smiles were enough.

Thanks again for all you did for me when I was with you, and I apologize for my abrupt departure. The next time I’m in Morocco, I will get a Bolognese pizza that we can share, like you did for me the last time we were together. I am forever grateful for my time with you at the hospital.


Devin Jozokos

Devin Jozokos is a Medical Biology (Medical Sciences) major at the University of New England.

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