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American Journeys in Tangier & Beyond
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Morocco, Interrupted

When University of New England students embarked, in January 2020, on the journey of their college life in Morocco, they had only a vague idea of what was awaiting them. They had heard about the life-changing experiences from their peers and through word-of-mouth on campus, but they could not have expected the true effect of the journey until they lived it in the concrete.

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Morocco Interrupted
Mackenzie Mahoney in Rabat

Leaving My Safe Haven

As I wake up, my eyes still groggy and tired from my lack of sleep, I feel no different than any other day. I tear myself from my bed, unwillingly,…

Clinique Croissant Rouge

For the Sake of Humanity

Walking through the doors of Clinique Croissant Rouge, I didn’t even have to look at the people in the waiting room to know they were glaring at me. My attention…

Outside the gates of Hopital Kortobi

A Visit to the Orphanage

Sitting in the backseat of the teal petit taxi, I suddenly felt hesitant and uncertain about what I was getting myself into. I’d heard many things about orphanages—they’re dirty, the…

Façade of Flowers

Walking through the snaking cobblestone streets of the old Medina, I try not to stumble on the uneven surface. My eyes are no use to my feet. They are not…

Alibaba and the Magic Box

“Hey, you look like Alibaba,” the owner of the souvenir shop said, stroking an imaginary beard on his face to signal that he was talking to me as I walked…

Playground of Dar Tika

The Smile

I felt my forehead wrinkle up in worry. My interview was supposed to be in five minutes, and I was still on campus. Just as I was convinced that Mourad,…

Rachel Muyal at her Home

Tangier’s Last Heiress

Waiters scurried around us to push the tiny round mahogany tables together, as is seemingly tradition now on these small group excursions of ours. The older of the two waiters…

Mourad Benkirane

The Oscar-Worthy Smile

I could feel the exhaustion take over. Even though I was thrilled to be on the other side of the world, embarking on my adventure of studying abroad in Morocco,…

Dog at Animal Shelter

You. Are. Crazy!

“Are we almost there?” I whined to my friend, Mohammed. We’d had been walking the stony streets of Tangier for roughly 15 minutes. I struggled because of the hot weather…

Caitlyn and Rania sitting beneath a palm tree.

A Spiritual Journey

When I decided to come to Morocco, some of my family members were worried. “You know it’s a Muslim country, right?” some said. “And Muslims don’t like Jews.” I thanked…

Reflections of a Petri Dish Child

When I first looked into the eyes of Imane, I saw a woman who is on fire. Her fierce advocacy of the natural birthing process and breastfeeding got me reflecting…

Medina in Tangier where Abdul's store is located.

Abdul’s American Love Story

Stories being the best teacher, within a few days of arriving in Tangier, I set out on a quest to uncover the everyday struggles and joys of a single Tanjawi,…