Riding a camel into the Moroccan desert

Freedom in the Sahara

I felt the sand between my toes and turned to take in the endless hills that met the edge of the setting sky. I couldn’t hear the loud cheers behind…

Chaouen street

A Feeling of Toska in Chefchaouen

Landscapes have a funny way of evoking emotions in the people who traverse them. According to The Book of Human Emotions, the Russian word toska is one such phenomenon. Toska is…

A stray near the beach in Tangier

The Strays of Tangier

It all started on our third day in Tangier when we went on a scavenger hunt into the Medina. To escape the stress of the hunt, I spotted a pet…

Marrakech souk

A Pharmacy in Marrakech

“I’m different,” Ayub insisted. “I’m not about money; I’m about experience.”

Douaa Imran

The Campus Coordinator

And there I was, an American girl taking my first steps out of the Tangier Ibn Battouta International Airport and into Africa. Around me, I saw crowds of people I…

Ittihad Riadi Tanger Soccer Game

Flares and Fights

Our bus zigzagged in and out of traffic, as we sped toward the game like we were some sort of VIP deserving of special treatment. There were two police motorcyclists…

Steven Heiblim

The Hermit Crab of Café Champs-Élysées

“It has a certain mystery about it,” Steven Heiblim answered cryptically, legs crossed when asked why he traveled to the city of Tangier during his younger years. Steven was wearing…


Morocco, Interrupted

When University of New England students embarked, in January 2020, on the journey of their college life in Morocco, they had only a vague idea of what was awaiting them. They had heard about the life-changing experiences from their peers and through word-of-mouth on campus, but they could not have expected the true effect of the journey until they lived it in the concrete.

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Morocco Interrupted